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The Age Of The Scavengers

by Jameelski The Grand Visier

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This Album speaks of an age of humanity that has reached and touched the limits of technology.
Mankind in their arrogance, believe that no knowledge and secrets are hidden from them. So they’ve once again powered the Large Hadron Collider to find the elusive “God Particle.” Only to find “The Higgs Boson”-which only reveals itself as a piece of a bigger and deeper mystery. The intellects and scientists laugh at the true believers and those who hold firm to the wisdoms passed down to them from old.
Those in power believe themselves as the shepherds of humanity, but squander and play with their freedoms. Thus enacting their master plan, “The Harvest”, which is a design to cultivate human beings for the ultimate sacrifice.
A war has begun, those who are unaware or wish to be unaffected by a revolution that will shake the very foundations of civilization are given tainted water to drink, chemtrails to breathe, and genetically altered food to eat. The Elders say to the youth, “We have seen all of this before: the small pox blankets given to comfort us, the Tuskegee experiments, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” However their warnings are ignored like the echo of “Agent Orange”.
For decades it seems the people are carefully led down this road into a deep sleep. Only awakened by the violence and hatred that has now become the norm of the day, just observe “This Is How It Be”.
With the emergence of the World Wide Web, a great net is cast to monitor the “sheep.” Like children, the people are given toys to stay plugged in, so they welcome the drones and robots and even the reassignment of the DNA until the first battle… ”Man Vs. Machine.”
The outcome of this conflict leads the people to witness in bewilderment a nightmarish, Godless reality which is “The Age Of The Scavengers”.
A resistance is held strong by the Originators, or those who go against the grain, and question the common scheme of things. They become the outlaws of the day, but they no longer hide the techniques that they’ve mastered: the lost art of “Stylin”.
Meanwhile, the industry and media pump out the same ole same comfort and paranoia to justify the chase for “The Spotlight”, the glamour and glitz.
Freedom is bought. Creativity is bought. Origination and toleration are all bought and sold because whatever you would call this age, still don’t nothing move but the “Money.” Justice has been sold for the world to witness.
Is there hope you ask? My answer is always, “yes, but in one way”. One must awaken the mind, the body, and the spirit or soul. We must all embark on our own personal voyage if you will, because we are all “Onna Journey.” Then we can see the writing on the wall. What has led us here and is this where we want to be? “The Signs Of The Times”…“You know them old folks wise take heed”- Ailis (Nate Brooks). The manuscript has been written, in our minds and our hearts … but you got to “Get Your Hands On It”.


released April 4, 2017

Executive Produced by Kevin K-Mass Massey. Mixed & mastered at the Breathe Easy Music Group Studio.



all rights reserved


Jameelski The Grand Visier Ann Arbor, Michigan

A hip hop music artist & writer, with years in the Midwest underground hip hop scene. His true origins are shrouded in mystery he is said to have appeared in the early hip hop circles of the Twin Cities where he was apart of many groups & movements that forged his real love for the craft. Carrying the traditions laid out by the Forefathers of the artform & with BreatheEasy MusicGroup we continue ... more

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